LED Inspection lamps

    LED Inspection lamps

    See better, work better

    Philips automotive LED inspection lamps, defeat darkness


    • Powerful, high-quality LEDs for a bright, intense light to optimize clarity and vision
    • Designed for durability, impact and shock-resistant housings : IK7 and IK9
    • Water, dirt and dust protection: up to IP68
    • With the option of hands-free lighting : clever hooks, clips and detachable cables and magnets

    Why use Philips penlight?

    Penlights are ideal for quick inspection jobs. Small and rechargeable, they let you work a full day without interruption. Our penlights are robust up to IK07 and offer various hands-free features to facilitate your daily work.

    Penlight Professional

    Penlight professional
    Penlight professional lifestyle
    boost light
    Boost light 130lm
    operating hours
    Operating time up to 11 hours

    Additional features

    Intense white light for optimal vision
    compact shape
    Small, compact size allows easy access to tight spaces
    grease resistance
    Grease resistance


    PEN20S lifestyle
    boost light
    Boost light 200lm
    operating hours
    Operating time up to 4 hours

    Additional features

    high quality light
    High-quality white LED light
    1500 charging cycles
    Ultra-durable lithium battery with up to 1,500 recharge cycles
    micro usb
    Rechargeable via micro USB cable

    Penlight Premium

    Penlight premium
    Penlight premium lifestyle
    boost light
    Boost light 145lm
    operating hours
    Operating time up to 6 hours

    Additional features

    aluminum housing
    Aluminum case for nice design
    Unique dimming function: 60-145 lumens
    Strong magnet

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