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Can I replace my Philips InfraCare light bulb?

Published on 2017-12-22

Several parts of your InfraCare device can be replaced, including the light bulb or lamp. Find out how the bulb or lamp can be replaced.

InfraCare 150W, model PR3110

The light bulb of InfraCare 150W can be replaced by yourself. However, only replace with a Philips PAR38 IR 150W E27 230V lamp. Any other lamp may be hazardous.

To replace the light bulb of InfraCare model 150W, follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the device and let the light bulb cool down for approx. 15 min before you touch and start replacing it;
  • Remove the light bulb by gently turning the light bulb counter clockwise until the light bulb is released from the socket;
  • Place the new light bulb in the socket and gently turn the light bulb clockwise until it clicks into place.

InfraCare 300W and 650W, models PR3120 and PR3140

Replacing the light bulb or lamp of InfraCare 300W or 650W is only possible via a Philips Service Center. For replacing the light bulb or lamp of these models, please contact Consumer Care.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PR3110/00 .

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