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When should I not use Philips InfraCare?

Published on 2017-12-22

Philips InfraCare are not suitable for everyone. Find out more about the contraindications.

When not to use

Never use Philips InfraCare:

  • without consulting your doctor first if you suffer from severe diseases such as heart disease, acute inflammatory diseases, thrombosis, blood coagulation disorders, adrenal suppression, systemic lupus erythematous or malignant diseases;
  • if you are oversensitive to infrared light or - if you have oedema;
  • if you are insensitive to infrared radiation and heat due to a disease (e.g. advanced diabetes) or the use of painkillers;
  • if you suffer from conditions associated with nerve demyelinisation such as carpal tunnel syndrome, multiple sclerosis and ulnar neuropathy;
  • if you have an implanted device, particularly not if it is located in the vicinity of the treatment area;
  • if you are pregnant, do not use the device to treat areas close to your abdomen, to avoid overheating of this area;
  • if you have a swelling or an inflammation, as heat could aggravate the complaints;
    on damaged or irritated skin or on wounds;
    to treat areas on which you have recently applied topical counterirritants (creams or ointments containing e.g. menthol), as this can cause a mild inflammatory reaction;
  • if you suffer from poor thermal regulation or impaired circulation

Please note:

The list of contraindications is not exhaustive. In case of doubt, always consult your doctor.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PR3110/00 .

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