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How do I clean hard floors with my Philips Wet Vacuum Cleaner?

Published on 2021-07-05
Your Philips Wet Vacuum Cleaner comes with a water tank, one wetting strip and two identical microfiber mopping pads. You can wet wipe hard floors with these accessories attached to the nozzle. 

How do I wet wipe with my Philips Aqua model?

To wet wipe hard floors with your Philips Aqua model, follow the steps below:
  1. Fill the tank with water and, if you wish, add a few drops floor cleaner.
  2. Place the mopping pad on the floor and place the water tank on top. Align the nozzle with the hook and loop fasteners. Attach the nozzle to the water tank.
  3. Turn your device on. Now you can vacuum and wet wipe at the same time.
  4. For more intense spots use the Aqua boost pedal to add more liquid. Note for the Philips 8000 series models XC8347 and XC8349: these devices do not have a pedal because the needed amount of water is automatically regulated.
  5. All clean? Detach the water tank from the nozzle. Detach the pad from the water tank, empty the water tank and let it dry. You can clean the pad by rinsing it under running water or in a washing machine (max. 60°C). 
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Can I use warm water in the water tank?

Yes, you can put warm or cold water into the water tank. It is not necessary to use distilled water, you can use normal tap water. 

Can I use any floor cleaner?

If you would like to use a liquid floor cleaner, make sure to you use one which is low- or non-foaming. Because the water tank has a capacity of 200ml, you should only add a few drops of liquid floor cleaner to the water.

How do I clean the dirty water tank?

To clean the water tank properly, mix one part vinegar with three parts water. Shake the water tank and leave the mixture in it overnight, on a water-resistant surface. Empty the water tank, rinse it thoroughly with fresh water, and it is now ready to use again.

How often do I need to clean the water tank?

Always empty the water tank after use. To remove residual floor cleaner, fill the tank with fresh water, close the lid, shake the tank thoroughly and then empty it again. We recommend adding vinegar at least once a month to thoroughly clean the water tank. 

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC6404/01 , FC6728/01 .

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