GoGEAR MP3 player

Mix, 8GB* SA1MXX08K/97

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the memory of my Philips player is smaller than stated?

There are some pre-loaded contents such as demo songs, photos, etc. in the memory of the device. These contents take up some memory. To maximize the available memory size of the device, delete these contents from the device.

Besides, a portion of the memory is reserved for firmware. This portion is locked to ensure optimal performance of the player.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA1MXX08K/97 , SA1MXX04P/97 , SA1VBE04P/97 , PET742/98 , PET721D/98 , SA1MXX02W/97 , SA1MXX04K/97 , SA1OPS08K/97 , PET744/98 , SA1MXX02P/97 , SA1MXX02K/97 , SA1OPS16K/97 , SA1VBE08K/97 , SA1ARA04K/97 , SA2945/97 , SA1VBE04K/97 , SA1VBE02K/97 , SA1ARA08K/97 , SA2815/97 , SA3345/97 , SA3225/97 , SA2825/97 , SA3245/97 , PET737/98 , PET702/98 , PET816/98 , SA1356/97 , SA3325/97 , SA3125/97 , SA3115/97 , SA2115/97 , SA1105/97 , SA1115/97 . more less

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