Portable DVD Player

17.8 cm (7") LCD, 3hr playtime, analog TV PD7007/98

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I charge a GoGear player before first use?

To enjoy optimal performance of the device and to ensure you can try out as many features as possible during the first use, it is recommended to charge the device for 12 hours.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PD7007/98 , SA1MXX08K/97 , SA1MXX04P/97 , SA1VBE04P/97 , SA1MXX02W/97 , SA1MXX04K/97 , SA1OPS08K/97 , SA1MXX02P/97 , SA1MXX02K/97 , SA1OPS16K/97 , SA1VBE08K/97 , SA1ARA04K/97 , SA1ARA08K/97 , SA1VBE02K/97 , SA1VBE04K/97 . more less

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