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Why does my Philips TV automatically switch off after a specific time?

Published on 2016-12-29

In order to help you save energy, your TV will automatically switch off if no buttons have been pressed (such as press a remote control button or a control on the TV front panel) after a specified time of watching TV. The auto switch off time can be set in the [Setup] > [TV settings] > [Preferences] > [Auto switch off] menu.

In order to switch off the [Auto switch off] feature, proceed as follows:

  1. Press the [Home] button on the remote control to access the [Home] menu.
  2. Use the cursor buttons [Up][Down][Left][Right] to select [Setup] and press the [OK] button to confirm.
  3. Select [TV settings] and press the [OK] button.
  4. Press the cursor [Down] to select [Preferences] and press the cursor [Right].
  5. Press the cursor [Down] to select [Auto switch off] and press the cursor [Right].
  6. To switch off the [Auto switch off] feature, press the cursor [Down] to zero minutes and press the [OK] button to confirm.
  7. Press the [Back] button to exit the menu.

If your TV still switches off randomly

  • Make sure that your TV has the latest software installed
  • Go to the Attachments section on this FAQ page to find the latest TV Software Upgrade and Firmware history documents

When no improvement is observed after you have upgraded the TV software

  • Please contact the Philips Consumer Care centre for further assistance or to find more information related to this issue. You can find the contact details on the Consumer Support page
  • Make sure you have the model number and the serial number at hand when you call us. You find these numbers on the sticker at the side/back/bottom of your TV

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