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How do I get the best results with my Philips Shaver?

Published on 20 February 2023
To get the best results from your Philips Shaver, follow our tips and tricks outlined below.

Allow your skin an adjustment period

If you are a new user of the Philips Shaver, keep in mind that your skin needs to adapt to the electric razor. This means that your skin may feel slightly irritated in the beginning. Allow yourself an adjustment period of two to three weeks with your new Philips Shaver.

You can also use a gentle moisturizer or aftershave lotion to minimize skin irritation after shaving.

Pre-trim your long facial hair

Shaving long hair can be uncomfortable and may lead to skin irritation.

If you have not shaved for a couple of days and have a heavy beard, it is a good idea to trim your beard before you start shaving. This technique also helps in reducing shaving time.

Some Philips Shavers come with a trimming attachment that you can use to trim your beard. Otherwise, use your normal beard trimmer.

Be gentle

While shaving, it is important to be gentle, especially if you have sensitive skin prone to irritation. Do not press the shaver too hard against your skin. Only apply a gentle pressure which makes your facial hair stand upright and makes it easier for the shaver blades to catch and cut them.

Gentle pressure also reduces friction between the shaver and your skin, resulting in a more comfortable experience.

Tips for wet shaving

When using your Philips Shaver with a foam or shaving gel, take care of the following tips:
  • Always wash your face with water and soap before you start shaving
  • Apply your favorite shaving gel or foam to your skin
  • Start shaving by moving your shaver in circular movements over your skin. This ensures that all hair growing in different directions are removed from your skin.

Tips for dry shaving

Most Philips Shavers can be used for both wet and dry shaving. If you are shaving without water, please take care of the following things:
  • Firstly, always wash your face with some water and soap and then dry it properly
  • Allow at least 15 minutes for your skin to dry completely before you start shaving
  • Move the shaver on your skin in circular movements to cut all hair growing in different direction
For more shaving tips, download the GroomTribe Styling and Shaving app available in the Google Play App Store and the Apple App Store
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