DVD player

HDMI, DivX playback, Karaoke DVP5965K/98


How to setup the resolution once my Philips player is connected via HDMI?

1) Press HD UPSCALE button on the front panel to switch HDMI Resolution.

  • 480p: Interlaced output in 480 lines for NTSC TV
  • 576p: Interlaced output in 576 lines for PAL TV
  • 720p: Progressive output upscale to 720 lines
  • 1080i: Interlaced output upscale to 1080 lines
  • Auto: Output automatically based on your display’s supported resolution

2) If no display appears on the TV screen due to unsupported resolution, reconnect any available interlace video output to your display and re-adjust the resolution settings to 480p/576p.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP5965K/98 .


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