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How to transfer files from my Philips camcorder to PC?

Please follow these simple steps below in order to transfer files from your Philips camcorder to PC.

1) Connect the camcorder to a PC/Mac using the USB cable
2) Switch ON the camcorder

Note: The camcorder may not be recognized by the PC/Mac if it is switched off.
After it is switched on, it may take some time for the PC/Mac to recognize it.

3) From the computer, locate the video/pictures

Tip: Examples for location of the video/pictures are “MyComputer\CAM200\DCIM\100MEDIA” or “My Computer\CAM200 SD\DCIM\100MEDIA”.

4) Copy the video/pictures you want
5) Paste them to your desired folder in the PC/Mac

The information on this page applies to the following models: CAM200WH/00 , CAM200BL/00 , CAM295BL/00 , CAM295WH/00 , CAM102SB/00 , CAM300BL/00 , CAM300WH/00 , CAM102BU/00 , CAM110RD/00 , CAM110BU/00 , CAM102SL/00 , CAM102PK/00 , CAM110BL/00 , CAM110SL/00 , CAM102BL/00 , CAM101BL/00 , CAM100BU/00 . more less

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