SoundShooter wireless portable speaker

Bluetooth®, Built-in microphone for calls, Rechargeable battery, 2W SBT50/00


How to use my Philips speaker without Bluetooth?

Your Philips Bluetooth speaker can work with players that are not Bluetooth-enabled using the AUX mode. Check how to perform the connection below:

How to use the AUX mode

  1. Slide the source selection switch (located on the back of the speaker) to AUX - the power indication light turns white
  2. Connect your speaker to the headphone jack of the player using the supplied cable
  3. Start music play on your device
Connect Philips speaker via AUX cable

The information on this page applies to the following models: SBT50/00 , SBT30/00 , SBT30BLU/00 , SBT30GRN/00 , SBT30ORG/00 . more less

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