External Hard Disk

250 GB, USB 2.0 SPD5110CC/00

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change the format of my Philips hard disk?

It is possible to change your Philips external hard disk's format from FAT32 to NTFS without formatting the drive. Find out about the formatting below:

Create a backup

Even though you are not formatting the drive we recommend you make a backup of all data on the external hard disk before converting the format.

Before converting

To convert the drive you can use the convert.exe file. This is a file that runs in the Windows operating system.

For more information, please check the Windows Help File.

This option only applies to Windows 2000 and Windows XP. NTFS is only supported by these operating systems.

1. Click Start > Run

Run in Windows OS

2. Type 'cmd' and click 'OK'

Launch Command prompt in Windows OS

3. In the new window that appears, type 'convert : /fs:ntfs' and hit 'Enter'

Command prompt in Windows OS

Further instructions

For instructions on how to use 'Convert.exe', please see:

  • Microsoft KB answer ID 314097 for Windows XP
  • Microsoft KB answer ID 214579 for Windows 2000

The information on this page applies to the following models: SPD5110CC/00 , SPD5110CC/05 , SPD5115CC/05 .

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