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Discover the Benefits of Using a Portable Nebulizer for Kids Asthma


As a parent, you don't want your asthmatic child to be slowed down from their 'on the go' lifestyle. Adjusting to time consuming nebulizer treatments can force a break from all those activities and prevent kids from being able to act like any other kid their age. Your child may be used to using a compressor nebulizer system at home as part of their asthma management solution, but a portable nebulizer can help ensure that your child isn't stuck at home for their treatments.


There are now devices that deliver medication in just four minutes. That shortened treatment time gives your child the medication they need so they feel better faster and can get back to enjoying time with family and friends.


While a stationary nebulizer often involves using a mask, a portable nebulizer uses a mouthpiece similar to what you see on an inhaler, something you are already certainly familiar with. With portable nebulizers weighing in at around 4 ounces and a little over 5 inches tall, they are easy to tote around and store with your child's—or their caregiver's—belongings. Rechargeable batteries can provides up to 30 treatments between each charge so you don't have to worry about charging the device each week.


Using a portable mesh nebulizer when children with asthma are away from home can help the family and the child's health management team keep track of asthma medication dosing and symptoms.


Better management of asthma symptoms and adherence to asthma medication can help improve your child's quality of life—and your peace of mind.

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