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My Philips Lady Shaver is not working

Published on 21 September 2022

If your Philips Lady Shaver is not working or removing your body hair properly, try our troubleshooting advice to solve this issue yourself. If you have tried the troubleshooting tips provided and are still not satisfied with the performance of your Philips Lady Shaver, then please contact us for further help.

Shaving head is dirty or blocked

It is important to check that the shaving head is not dirty, damaged, or worn out. This will cause declining product performance or even skin irritation. If it is damaged it needs to be replaced immediately. Your lady shaver requires regular cleaning to function properly. Hair or debris can get stuck in the device and affect its performance. Clean well after each use and rinse off hairs or debris completely after use. Protect the foil by attaching a cap of comb during storage.

It could be that the foil of your device is blocked by hair or debris. This can prevent the device from switching on or running properly. Clean your device by following the instructions below:

Turn off the product and remove the shaving foil head by (holding it by the plastic housing and) pulling it off the product. Rinse the hair chamber on top of the handle.

Rinse the foil 30 sec under lukewarm water. Allow to air dry completely. Reattach the shaving foil head by snapping it back (‘click’) onto the product.

Use the right shaving techniques

It is very important to use the proper shaving technique to get the best results and to avoid any pain or irritation. While shaving, tightly pull your skin with one hand and slowly move the shaver against the direction of hair growth. Make sure your shaving or trimming head is in full contact and flat on the skin. Do not press it too firmly on your skin, be gentle and move the shaver slowly.
Right Shaving Technique

Wet and dry use

The Philips Lady Shaver is designed to be used both wet and dry. Please see the recommendations below to help guide you to a smooth hair removal session. 

Dry use
We recommend for most products to use in dry conditions, as wet hair tends to stick more to the skin.
Also, if you are looking for a convenient or on the go session, try using on dry skin. Be certain that your skin is clean and completely dry before using the appliance.

Wet use
For a comfortable feeling and smooth movements, you may use the appliance on wet skin. During wet use, rinse the head regularly to remove hairs and ensure that it continues to glide smoothly over your skin. Make sure your skin is completely wet with water. Do consider wet hairs tend to stick more to the skin, performance may be better on dry skin. Gently pat your skin dry after use.

After use
As after-care, gently apply an (alcohol-free) Aloe Vera cream/lotion or moisturizer, for its cooling and soothing properties, on your skin.

Also, allow some adjustment time and give the skin time to recover in-between sessions. Shave in the evening, to allow your skin to settle during the night and have smooth legs the next day

Use the right attachments

If your lady shaver comes with a skin stretching cap, try putting it on the shaving head. This attachment makes the hair on your skin stand upright, making them easier to remove.
Lady Shaver Attachments

Lady Shaver is not charged

It could be that your shaver is not charged properly, so it does not have enough power to perform well.

Make sure that you charge your lady shaver long enough. Some models require 10 hours of charging, while other models only need 1 hour. You can find this information in the user manual or the product leaflet.

Also keep in mind that for safety reasons the wet and dry lady shavers can only be used cordless. Always unplug your Philips Lady Shaver before use.
Lady Shaver Not Charged

Device is plugged in

Most wet and dry lady shavers can only be used cordless. For safety reasons, these lady shavers do not switch on while they are connected to an electric socket. Unplug your lady shaver from the main switch and try turning it on again. 

The power outlet is not working

Make sure that the power outlet where you are charging or running your lady shaver on, is working. Try charging or running the lady shaver in a different electric socket to see if this works.

The power cable is not connected properly

Make sure the power cable is completely inserted in the small socket at the bottom of the lady shaver.

Not using the original charger or cable

Make sure that you are using the original Philips charger and/or cable which came with your lady shaver. If you do not have the original charger or cable anymore then you can buy a new one from our Philips webshop.

Overload protection is activated

The overload protection can also be activated if you press your lady shaver too hard against your skin. Be gentle and just glide it over your body.

Overheat protection is activated

It may be that the overheat protection on your lady shaver has been activated. When this happens, you will see red lights flashing on your lady shaver and it will stop working.

In this case, let the lady shaver cool down and turn it back on after a minute or so. If it still does not turn on and the red lights start flashing again, it means it has not cooled down properly and you should wait a bit longer.

If you have tried the advice above, but your lady shaver still does not work, then please contact us for further help.

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