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My skin is irritated after using my Philips epilator

Published on 2018-12-18

As the hairs are being removed by the root, some redness or skin irritation may occur. This is normal and should disappear quickly. Learn more here.

Especially when you have not used your epilator for a while, it is normal that some skin irritation occurs. Your skin may need to readjust to the epilation process.

Clean the epilator. Make sure that the epilating head is clean as well.

Do not use any pressure when moving the epilator over skin.

  • Make sure you exfoliate your skin every time you shower. Exfoliating removes the dead skin around the follicles, so the hairs will slide out more easily and not tear the surrounding skin.

  • After epilating gently rub in antiseptic (after epilation) cream, such as a mild, alcohol free lotion on the epilated area of your skin.

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