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My Philips Avent Baby monitor beeps

Published on 2020-02-10

It can happen that the parent unit of your Philips Avent Baby monitor beeps. Find out how to solve this issue yourself.

Baby unit is turned off

When the baby unit is turned off, the parent unit will beep once show the out of range image. Make sure that the baby unit is turned on.

The connection between the units is lost

If the connection between the units is lost, the link light turns red. The parent unit beeps three times every 20 seconds and the out-of-range image appears on the display. Try a different location or decrease the distance between the baby unit and parent unit. It can take up to 10 seconds before the connection between the units is reestablished.

Philips Avent Baby monitor connection is lost

Battery of the parent unit is running low

If the battery of the parent unit runs low, the parent unit beeps every 20 seconds. Recharge the battery of the parent unit. When you charge the parent unit for 3 hours, it can be used cordlessly for
approx. 10 hours

The battery of the parent unit is low

Maximum or minimum temperature is reached

Note: This situation is only applicable for the SCD630 model of the Philips Avent Baby monitor.

The parent unit will beep twice every 20 seconds when the baby unit reaches the chosen maximum or minimum temperature. The parent unit shows a temperature whit this is exceeded. Go to temperature settings to change the maximum and minimum temperature or to turn off the temperature alert.

If this is not solving the issue, please contact us for further assistance.

Baby unit shows a temperature alert
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