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    Freestyle Messaging

    The Philips 766, a great design for the perfectly shaped mobile phone. Flip and turn the swivel hinge to form a handy tablet for easy touchscreen entry. Hand-writing recognition and on-screen keypad make for quick & easy messaging (SMS). See all benefits

    CT7668/000APMEA Find similar products


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Freestyle Messaging

Don't just say it, write it!

  • On-screen handwriting recognition

    The intuitive and fast way to write text messages. Simply write on the touch screen as you would write on a piece of paper to have the phone convert your handwriting into an SMS (Short Message Service) text message. The feature has built-in handwriting recognition capability in both Chinese (traditional and simplified) and English (Roman alphabet).

  • Swivel hinge for great versatility

    The swivel hinge allows you to move between phone, digital camera, and touch- screen PDA functions with your clamshell phone. Simply open the clamshell as you would to make a phone call, then turn the top panel in a counter-clockwise direction, and close the cover for a digital camera with bright display used as the view finder (can also be used like a touch- screen PDA device).

  • On-screen virtual keyboard

    On-screen virtual keyboard allows you to have a traditional QWERTY keyboard format for text input instead of using composing letters and punctuation with the numeric keypad. Just activate the virtual keyboard and use the stylus to type.

  • 1.3 Megapixel camera with torch flash

    Use your 1.3 megapixel camera with built-in flash to take quality images in SXGA format (1280 by 960 pixels) even in suboptimal light. Simply press the camera's side key to take pictures for use as wallpaper or fotocall, or to send as MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) to share with friends and family.

  • Brilliant 262K color main display

    Use the 262K vivid color TFT display to enjoy high-quality wallpaper, photos, and video taken with the integrated camera.

  • 64-tone rich polyphonic melodies

    64-tone polyphonic melodies can create simultaneous tones of different notes using MIDI format for more natural and realistic musical results, sounding just like a small orchestra of different instruments for outstanding sound effects.

  • Embedded games for fun with your phone

    Embedded games use the bright color screen and keypad to turn your mobile phone into a game station. Simply go to the dedicated sub-menu to start playing your favorite game.

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