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    Snap, Talk & Send

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    CT5358/00BFASIA Find similar products

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Snap, Talk & Send

  • Integrated VGA digital camera

    The integrated digital camera with VGA resolution (640x480 pixels) allows you to take high-quality pictures anytime, anywhere with your phone, then send them via MMS or email, or store the pictures in your phone's memory.

  • Digitally zoom up to 4 times

    Easily zoom the picture in and out up to 4 times, composing better and more meaningful pictures by capturing the right detail from the overall scene. In preview mode, activate the zoom function to take pictures of distant objects or to concentrate attention on a specific part of the picture.

  • TFT display with 65,536 gorgeous colors

    Brilliant 65K color TFT display offers high contrast and high brightness with 65,536 gorgeous colors and ultra fine pitch for clear, bright color graphics and photos.

  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

    MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) allows you to use your mobile phone to send and receive pictures, video, and audio files with your text messages.

  • FotoTalk adds voice to your MMS pictures

    FotoTalk allows you to instantaneously send pictures and recorded voice messages via MMS to friends and family. Access the camera application via camera hard key or multimedia menu to choose FotoTalk, then take a picture, record your voice, and go to MMS to finalize and send the message.

  • Special effects for creative picture personalization

    Special effects provide you with several modifications that can be applied in order to personalize camera images: sepia, gray scale, edge, digital, embossed, or negative colors. Choose one of the special effects in camera preview mode, take the picture, then save the photo in phone screen resolution format e.g. 128x160 pixels.

  • Mix your own polyphonic melodies and ringtones with BeDJ

    The amazing BeDJ feature allows you to easily create, enjoy, and share your own music mixes anytime, anywhere for unlimited creativity with this real, portable mixing studio. Create your own sounds using predefined styles provided by famous international DJs, your phone's own polyphonic ring tones, or by downloading content via WAP, infrared, or MMS to mix up to 9 different tracks in real time.

  • 32-tone rich polyphonic melodies

    32-tone polyphonic melodies can create simultaneous tones of different notes using MIDI format for more natural and realistic musical results, sounding just like a small orchestra of different instruments for outstanding sound effects.

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