Share your memories wirelessly

    How many digital photos are hidden on your PC/Mac? We know that you have many! With the Philips Wireless Digital PhotoFrame™ you can enjoy your entire photo collection from your computer - either a wireless streaming mode or transfer mode. See all benefits


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Share your memories wirelessly

  • Two clicks to setup PhotoFrame wireless connection

    Using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup is the easiest and most secure way to set up the wireless connection between your wireless PhotoFrame and wireless router. Simply press the WPS button on your wireless router and the WPS button on your PhotoFrame and you have completed the set up.

  • Wirelessly stream and display all your photos stored on PC

    With a PhotoFrame that supports wireless photo streaming, you don't need to store many photos on the actual PhotoFrame. Instead, all your photos from your home computer or favorite images from the internet are wirelessly streamed to your PhotoFrame. You can easily browse these images on your PhotoFrame and never worry about the storage capacity of your PhotoFrame.

  • Transfer photos wirelessly via easy drag and drop software

    PhotoFrame Manager - wireless is photo management software that allows you to view, manage and organize your albums and photos. PhotoFrame Manager runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista, Mac OS X and is compatible with iPhoto software. The software also transfers your photos wirelessly to your wireless PhotoFrame in a simple to use drag-and-drop operation - it's really that simple!

  • imagen Pro for sharp, vibrant and natural skin colors

    The unique Philips imagen enhancement technology automatically analyzes your photos to correct color and adjust for optimal contrast. imagen Pro is a more advanced image enhancement which includes the 3 essential elements from imagen to have more color accuracy, color depth and smart contrast. On top of these, imagen Pro offers enhanced skin color, sharper images and flicker-free photo viewing which is very important for still pictures.

  • Auto photo orientation to fit portrait or landscape modes

    Automatic landscape/portrait recognition employs a sensor that recognizes PhotoFrame orientation and displays each photo in its proper mode.

  • Have fun with collages: display mutiple photos in one view

    It's a slideshow effect to show photos in collage form that automatically and randomly compiles different photos together to avoid unattractive borders that may result from photos which are smaller than the screen size.

  • Add new glow to old memories with RadiantColor

    RadiantColor is an exclusive Philips technology for displaying smaller photos in the optimal 4:3 ratio by extending the color on the edges of a less-than-full-screen photo to the sides of the screen, eliminating black bars and aspect ratio distortion.

  • Power saving via auto dimming by detecting ambient lighting

    Smart Power Pro is a sensor that turns PhotoFrame on and off by detecting ambient lighting condition reducing energy consumption for the sake of our environment saving up to one third of your PhotoFrame energy costs. The best news is that this is all done automatically!

  • 4:3 aspect ratio for optimal distortion-free display

    Philips digital PhotoFrame ensures your photo to be displayed in 4:3 ratio for the best viewing experience.

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