X-tremeVision car headlight bulb


Take performance to the x-treme

Philips X-tremeVision car bulbs are among the brightest you can buy. They outshine most other car lamps with up to 130% more brightness and a superior beam length. So you see further, react faster and drive safer.

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X-tremeVision car headlight bulb

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Take performance to the x-treme

Up to 130% brighter light

  • Type of lamp: H7
  • Pack of: 2
  • 12 V,55 W
  • More light
A lifetime of safety so you can see and be seen

A lifetime of safety so you can see and be seen

Every potential failure of a spare part is a risk for you and your vehicle. This is especially true for headlights. Every broken headlight lamp reduces visibility and safety for you and the oncoming traffic. Philips X-tremeVision is optimized for a long and reliable lifetime. So you can see and be seen for longer than with any other high performance lamp.

Performance means more light and longer lifetime

Performance means more light and longer lifetime

Philips X-tremeVision headlights are made for outstanding performance, producing up to 130% brighter light, without compromising on the lifetime. With up to 450 hours*, Philips X-tremeVision's lifetime is significantly higher than competitor solutions in the more light category. (*H4 and H7 tested at 13.2V standard voltage)

See further and react faster with up to 130% more brightness

See further and react faster with up to 130% more brightness

Perfect illumiation is especially important in the distance - usually between 75-100 meters in front of your vehicle. With Philips X-tremeVision car bulbs you can see up to 45 meters further, giving you 2 seconds more reaction time. Philips X-tremeVision boosts your visibilty with up to 130% more light on the road. This helps you recognize obstacles and any potential dangers earlier than with any other halogen headlamp.

One of the brightest bulbs: ultimate light performance

One of the brightest bulbs: ultimate light performance

With its optimized high-precision fillament geometry, up to 13 bar high pressure gas filling, high precision coating and high quality UV-Quarz glass, Philips X-tremeVision headlights set a new milestone in automotive lighting. They are engineered for the ultimate performance and uncompromising visibility.

The safest, road-legal headlights

The safest, road-legal headlights

Philips X-tremeVision is by far the safest, easiest and most efficient way to upgrade your car headlights within legal parameters. They are fully ECE certified.

Significantly whiter light to improve comfort and safety

The bright white light (3.500 K) is significantly whiter than standard headlamps. The Philips patented gradient coating technologyTM produces a more powerful light. So you can enjoy one of the brightest lighting performances and a highly comfortable night driving experience.

Exceptional beam quality and performance

With a combination of more light and increased color temperature, Philips X-tremeVision qualifies as one of the best performance beams in the halogen segment.

Great contrast for a comfortable drive

The increased color temperature in Philips X-tremeVision headlights (available in H1, H4 and H7) allows your eyes to focus better and perceive contrasts in the far distance. This makes driving after dark a far more comfortable and safe experience.

Technical Specifications

  • Marketing specifications

    Expected benefits
    More light
    Product highlight
    Up to 130% more brightness
  • Product description

    • High beam
    • Low beam
    Homologation ECE
  • Lifetime

    Life time
  • Light characteristics

    1500 ±10%  lm
    Color temperature
    3500  K
  • Electrical characteristics

    55  W
    12  V
  • Ordering information

    Order entry
    Ordering code
  • Packaging Data

    Packaging type
  • Packed product information

    11.0  cm
    5.3  cm
    13.3  cm
    Net weight per piece
    50.9  g
    Pack Quantity
    MOQ (for professionals)
  • Outerpack information

    28.6  cm
    14.1  cm
    12.0  cm
    Gross weight per piece
    509  g

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