20.3cm/8" LCD, 4:3 frame ratio 8FF3WMI/00


My Philips Photoframe does not connect to Wi-Fi

  • Check that the SSID, IP address, WEP key, or WPA key matches the setup of your wireless home network. Try to change the SSID on your router to a more unique name to prevent interference with the signals

  • Change the channel of your home network settings on the router

  • On your router, consider using a WPA key instead of a WEP key

  • Check if your router has a turbo mode function. Just switch off this feature if it is available for your router

If you're still not able to connect, please click on Contact Us for help from a Consumer Care Agent.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 8FF3WMI/00 .

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