GoGEAR MP3 player

Mix, 8GB* SA1MXX08K/97


Songs on Philips player not played in preferred order

You have 2 options to review songs in your player, the first option is to select Music in the root menu and the second one is to select Folder view in the root menu. Different option will get different sort order.

Reviewing songs in Music - Songs in the player will be sorted by following ID3 (Title or Artist or Album ) in alphabetical order.

Reviewing songs in Folder view - Songs in the player will be sorted by the file name in alphabetical order and folder name.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA1MXX08K/97 , SA1MXX04P/97 , SA1MXX04K/97 , SA1MXX02K/97 , SA2815/97 , SA3225/97 , SA2825/97 , SA3245/97 , SA3115/97 , SA3125/97 . more less

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