widescreen flat TV

81 cm (32"), LCD, HD Ready 32PF7321/98


Short flickering lines appear on a blank screen before the picture and sound appears,each time when selecting in the AV menu in Philips TV

This takes only 1-2 seconds and is necessary for the copy protection software of the accessory device to check the compatibility with the software of the TV set. No action required.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 32PF7321/98 , 42PF9966/98 , 42PF9541/98 , 37PF7321/98 , 50PF9531/69 , 37PF9731/69 , 50PF7320G/98 , 42PF7320G/98 , 42PF9831/69 , 32PF9531/98 , 42PF9531/98 , 50PF7320/98 , 42PF7320/98 , 32PF9966/69 , 50PF9966/69 , 32PF9966/98 . more less

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