CitiScape Indies Headphones with mic

8.6mm drivers/closed-back, In-ear, Flat cable SHE7055BK/00


The volume of my Philips in-ear headphones is too low

This FAQ is only applicable to in-ear type headphones but not ear buds type.

Philips headphones

General advice

Removing the dirt and ear wax in the speakers and ear plugs can improve the sound quality of the headphones. Please do not dunk the ear plugs into water or any other detergents. You should follow the cleaning steps shown below.

Step 1: Take off the ear plugs from the driver speakers

Rinse the ear plugs thoroughly with tap water. Dry the ear plugs with a clean and soft cotton cloth.

Removed Philips ear plug

Step 2: Wipe the headphone speakers and ear plugs

Wipe the headphone speakers and ear plugs with a dry soft cotton cloth to remove the dirt and ear wax on their surfaces.

Wipe the headphone speakers and ear plugs

Step 3: Pry out any visible dirt and ear wax

Pry out any visible dirt and ear wax that has collected in the speaker holes with a toothpick. Be careful not to poke the wax farther into the speakers.

Removing dirt with a toothpick

Step 4: Remove dirt

To remove the dirt, gently brush on the speakers and ear plugs with a clean toothbrush. Get rid of the dirt on the speakers and ear plugs surfaces with a wet cotton swab and make sure no visible dirt and ear wax remains on them.

Removing dirt with a toothbrush or cotton swab

Step 5: Clean and sterilize

To clean and sterilize the speakers and ear plugs, wipe their surface with a 75% concentration alcohol-soaked towelette. Let them sit for 5 minutes in room temperature and humidity.

To maintain a better sound quality of the headphones, we recommend cleaning the headphones using the above steps every 3 months.

Warning: Never put earphones or ear plugs into the washing machine or dishwasher.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SHE7055BK/00 , SHE7055WT/00 , SHE7055RU/00 , SHE7055PP/00 , SHE7055EN/00 , SHE7055BR/00 , SHE7050BK/00 , SHE7050WT/00 , SHE7050PK/00 , SHE7050BL/00 , S1/00 , SHE9007WT/00 , SHE3515WT/00 , SHE3515PK/00 , SHE3515BL/00 , SHE3515BK/00 , SHE2115WT/00 , SHE2115PK/00 , SHE2115BL/00 , SHE2115BK/00 , S2WT/00 , SHB4000/00 , SHB7000WT/00 , SHB7000/00 , SHB4000WT/00 , SHB5000WT/00 , SHE4600/00 , SHE2105BK/00 , SHE9005/00 , SHE8005/00 , SHE7005/00 , SHE3595WT/00 , SHE3595PK/00 , SHE3595BL/00 , SHE3595BK/00 , SHE3501PP/00 , SHE3501PK/00 , SHE3500RD/00 , SHE3500BL/00 , SHE2105WT/00 , SHE2105PK/00 , SHE2105BL/00 , SHE4607WT/00 , SHE7005A/00 , SHE9005A/00 , SHB9001WT/00 , SHE8500/98 , SHE9800/10 , SHE9500/98 , SHB1400/00 , SHE2550/98 , SHE9850/10 , SHE9701/10 , SHE9701/00 , SHE9700/10 , SHE9703/00 , SHE3650/97 , SHE3651/97 , SHE3652/97 , SHE9800/00 , SHE9850/00 , SHE7600/97 . more less

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