Living room air purifier

Living room air purifier

Smart sensor, 40 m2 AC4065/00


My Philips air purifier does not remove odors/smells properly

The gas filter (Zeolite filter) may be dirty or may have reached the end of its life

  • Clean the gas filter or replace it

Perhaps you use the appliance in a room in which the ambient air quality is very poor

  • In this case, open windows to improve the air circulation

Perhaps you use the appliance in a room that is much bigger than the room size the appliance is intended for.

  • Put the appliance in a smaller room. The recommended room size is up to:
  • 20m² for AC4054/AC4055 and AC4052/AC5053
  • 40m² for AC4064/AC4065 and AC4062/AC4063

The information on this page applies to the following models: AC4065/00 .

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