Avent Baby Bottle Trainer Kit

9oz, Variable Flow Nipple SCF683/07


What material are my bottle and teat made of?

Possible Baby bottle materials:

  • PP: Polypropylene
  • PES: Polyethersulfone (Discontinued since the beginning of 2011)
  • Glass

Advanced PES

  • Advanced PES - Honey color
Advanced PES

Classic PP

  • Classic PP - Milk colour-transparent or transparent pink/blue
Classic PP

Natural PP

  • Natural PP - Milk colour-transparent or transparent pink/blue
Natural PP

Natural Glass

  • Natural Glass - Glass
Natural Glass

Other materials

Teat materials - all teats are made of silicon

Expert tips:

  • Ring and cup are made of PP.
  • Adapter ring is made of PP+Silicon.
  • Currently, ALL the Avent products which come IN CONTACT WITH FOOD are BPA FREE.
  • In 2008 the POLYCARBONATE (PC) bottles were DISCONTINUED because they contained BPA.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF683/07 , SCF680/37 , SCF683/37 , SCF680/04 , SCF683/27 , SCF683/17 , SCF680/27 , SCF680/17 , SCF666/17 , SCF660/17 , SCF663/27 , SCF663/17 , SCF660/27 , SCF631/27 , SCF632/27 , SCF633/27 , SCF634/27 , SCF635/27 . more less

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