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Top Sites to Teach Your Child About Asthma


Teaching an asthmatic child about his/her condition -- and how to manage it -- is a vital part of keeping childhood asthma under control. It can, however, be difficult for parents to know how to start this conversation. The good news? There are many high-quality educational websites available to help parents teach kids about asthma.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Learn How to Control Asthma -- Kids

This webpage has links to resources (both onsite and offsite) providing information on asthma in the form of podcasts, downloadable PDF files, videos, and playtime activities. Of particular interest are two videos showing children how to use an inhaler (with or without a spacer), available in English and Spanish versions.

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology: Just for Kids

This site is geared to very young children and uses games, puzzles, coloring books and videos to explain the basic facts of asthma. Since many asthma attacks are allergy-related, there is also a wealth of information on allergies. One interesting feature is a section devoted to allergy-free play dough recipes. Another helpful resource is a matching game teaching children how to identify and avoid stinging insects.

KidsHealth: Asthma Center

This site is arranged in four broad categories covering basic information, medications, sports and other activities, and asthma triggers. Under each category, files are available in text and audio formats. This site offers an Asthma Diary (a weekly journal to record symptoms), peak flow readings and medications. Also featured is an encouraging interview with a young athlete (Kat's Asthma Story) who doesn't let her asthma keep her from the activities she loves.

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America: Ally and Andy's Activity Book©

This site offers an informational product for children called “Ally and Andy's Activity Book". The book is designed to give children a basic understanding of asthma and allergies through word finds, crossword puzzles, mazes and word scrambles. There is also a story to read and color. Parents have the choice of a free PDF download or a printed copy of the book for $5.00.


Sesame Street in Communities: Managing Asthma

Sesame Street's site is geared towards children between the ages of two and six years. The site contains articles, printable pages for children to color, and videos featuring the Sesame Street characters such as Big Bird™ and Elmo™. The videos discuss serious topics such as asthma triggers and visits to the doctor in a light-hearted, positive manner that appeals to very young children.


Dr. Alex Thomas: IggyandtheInhalers©

Dr. Thomas's site employs a comic book theme to teach children about asthma. The site is comprised of a series of videos centered on Iggy, an animated inhaler dressed in a superhero's costume. These free videos cover many aspects of asthma care, including basic facts, triggers, types of medications, and use of an inhaler with a spacer. Parents can also purchase asthma comic books, trading cards, and labels to decorate a child's inhaler.


Using any or all of these high-quality sites is an excellent way to make asthma education engaging and enjoyable -- and to make sure that each child with asthma understands more about their condition and how to manage it.


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