You wouldn't drive half a car,
would you?

Change your headlights masthead

Same goes for your headlights
Change them in pairs!


Headlights dim as they age, and if one headlight has gone out, the second headlight may follow soon. So for maximum driving safety and confidence, you need two new headlights. Proper lighting means more time to react to obstacles on the road and more confident driving.


Don’t cut your vision in half, change headlights in pairs!

Why change your headlights in pairs?

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Filament age


The older a filament gets the more likely that it will break. So, the older your headlight is the sooner it will go out.

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Maintenance effciency


Changing a headlight can be a time-consuming task. Changing both headlights at once saves time and money.

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Diminished light output


Headlights dim towards the end of their life, meaning less light and less visibility at night.

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Original quality lasts


Choosing original equipment bulbs reduces the chance of early failure thanks to their higher quality standards.

Filament age


The bulb filament, which is the part of the bulb that heats up to produce light, becomes fragile as it gets older. Older filaments tend to break easily, and if one bulb has just failed, the other won't be far behind. This is called a 'follow-up failure'.

Maintenance effciency


It’s faster, easier and cheaper to change both headlamps, rather than just one. It’s not just the cost of changing lamps in the workshop, you also lose time. And you don’t get to choose the moment when that second lamp fails either!

Diminished light output


Headlight bulbs get dimmer at the end of their life so, if you replace just one, the road in front of you won't be evenly illuminated. Changing both headlight bulbs ensures a properly lit road ahead and the full benefit of the vehicle’s headlights as initially intended by the carmaker.

Original quality lasts


Light is fundamental to driving, and light is the first and only part of the safety circle that helps prevent accidents. Today, our automotive bulbs are the choice of over 100 car manufacturers and are installed in more than one third of the world’s car park. Quality and innovation make a difference.

Find the right bulbs for your vehicle


We offer an extensive range of Philips xenon and halogen types that are designed to give the utmost quality, performance and style in all driving conditions. Most of Philips halogen lamps are available in dual packs to make it easier and cheaper to change both sides at the same time.

A three-step guide to find the right bulb for your vehicle

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