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    Your personal entertainment studio

    Entertain yourself and others anywhere with music, videos, and more. Enjoy the convenience of a smooth sliding design and multimedia mix for crystal-clear music on the move, high-quality video recording, and 2 megapixel camera. See all benefits

    CT9608/00TTASIA Find similar products


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Your personal entertainment studio

Music, movies and photos on the move

  • 2 megapixel digital camera for crisp, vivid pictures

    2 megapixel digital camera for crisp, vivid pictures

    Use your 2 megapixel digital camera to enhance your photo experience with crisp, vivid pictures. The intuitive design and user interface allow you to easily take high-resolution photos of up to 1600 x 1200 pixels to use as wallpaper for your phone display; send from your phone via MMS, Bluetooth, or infrared; or print and share.

  • High-quality video recorder captures life's excitement

    Capture excitement at the speed of life wherever you go with this intuitively designed, high-quality video recorder with 30 frames-per-second recording capacity that works like a premium camcorder.

  • MP3 player

    Your mobile phone with MP3 player enables you to enjoy high quality music all in one device. You can transfer your favorite MP3 hits and listen to them on the go.

  • SD/MMC memory card slot for increased storage capacity

    The SD/MMC memory card slot gives you the additional storage capacity to enjoy more pictures, videos, and music simply by inserting an SD/MMC card into the built-in memory card slot of your phone.

  • Fashionable sliding design for flexibility and function

    The sliding design provides a fashionable, functional mobile phone experience, displaying a large screen and keypad when fully opened, and taking up minimum space when closed.

  • Large 262K color TFT display for vivid, colorful graphics

    Put the fun and excitement of the most vivid and colorful graphics and photos right at your fingertips with the large 262K color display that features excellent image quality and response time.

  • MMS video to record and share exciting multimedia messages

    MMS video lets you record and share exciting multimedia messages with your friends and family just by attaching a video clip.

  • MP3 ringtones for a personalized and rich audio experience

    MP3 ringtones let you choose the sounds of your favorite songs for a personalized and rich audio experience just by selecting an MP3 file to set as your ringtone.

  • Bluetooth for easy wireless connection to other devices

    Bluetooth technology allows easy wireless connection to other Bluetooth devices on the go. Enrich your mobile multimedia experience by using your Bluetooth headset, easily and quickly sharing files or synchronizing personal data to and from your phone.

  • USB connectivity to directly share data between phone and PC

    Use a standard USB cable to directly and easily transfer pictures, videos, music files, and other data between your phone and PC.

  • Infrared for close-range information exchange

    Infrared is the simplest wireless technology for information exchange at close range, allowing easy sharing of images, backgrounds, songs, and phonebook contacts with friends and family and enabling wireless access to the internet through your PC.

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