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From molecular data to clinical impact

Creating a complete biomarker-informed diagnostic and therapeutic picture of your patients through comprehensive molecular patient data, disease histology, and patient phenotype.

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    To keep pace with the rapid developments in the field of genomics, you need solutions that incorporate the evolving genomic data, can articulate your health system workflows in pathology and oncology, and integrate deeply with your current technology.


    Whether it be executing user-defined genomic workflows, interpreting clinical reports, biomarker-based clinical trial matching, or understanding your cancer population– our solutions can help.

    Why Philips Genomics

    Genomics analysis

    Offers a controlled bioinformatics environment for running pipelines. It offers traceability, reproducibility, QC, storage, and a versatile pipeline infrastructure that supports both customized and dockerized pipeline, for cancer genomic data. The data may include .fastq, .bcl formats, as well as .vcf , .json and .xml.

    Automated end-to-end workflow

    Automating pathologists’ workflow from loading sequencing output files to customized report generation, including therapy options and trial matching with expert curated clinical knowledgebase.

    Secure, sustainable, and scalable infrastructure

    Dependable mechanism for automatic, secure, quality assured acquisition of clinical and genomic data. Distributed software system with microservices.

    Comprehensive variant review and filter

    Automated and streamlined variant calling and prioritization using leading variant annotation databases and clinical evidence.

    Vendor agnostic integration

    Automated clinical data inbound/outbound integration per specification with our IntelliBridge Enterpise integration engine from/to EHR or other clinical IT systems.

    Multiple knowledgebases

    Comprehensive clinical knowledgebases of most up-to-date literature, therapies and clinical trials from Qiagen N-of-One, Jackson Laboratory, and MD Anderson.

    Bridging pathology to oncology

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    Vendor agnostic

    • Multi-vendor integration
    • Integration from any EMR, PACS, LIMS, Digital Pathology, and more

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    Multiple knowledgebases

    • Access to multiple clinical partnerships for expert-curated content
    • Exclusive partnership with MD Anderson PODS

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    Connecting in-house

    • By connecting your pathologists to the ability to analyze, interpret, annotate, and curate genomic data, your pathology lab and workflows can stay in-house.
    • Goals of quicker turn-around times, and better service to your patients.

    Delivering an automated end-to-end workflow

    Genomics in your tumor board experience

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    Our molecular tumor board provides your oncologists a unified view of relevant therapies and clinical trials in the context of each patient’s unique genomic profile, which can help your clinicians make evidence-based decisions on patient treatment.

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    The benefit of MD Anderson

    Through our solutions, you have exclusive access to MD Anderson’s collaboration with Philips to facilitate personalized oncology treatments and clinical trial matching based on genomic markers.

    The therapies shown are based on prescriptive biology insight into tumors and offer guidance to evidence and clinical trials. Additionally, by using this system, you are able to access and observe analytics regarding oncology populations, cancer frequency data, and more.

    Image courtesy of MD Anderson

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    The role of genomics in clinical quality

    From the explosion of genomic medicine, education and insight now holds an important role when including genomics into therapy selection in oncology care.

    With the inclusion of genomic data into our Oncology Pathways Guide powered by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, oncologists are able to utilize these features to improve clinical quality by understanding patients thoroughly and what treatment would work best for them. By standardizing where possible, our pathways aim to improve clinical quality through unwarranted variation in care.

    For more information on our Genomics Workspace

    Philips Genomics solutions in the news

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    Journal of Precision Medicine

    Philips vision is to become a leader in innovating precision medicine solutions that connect areas such as pathology, genomics, and molecular phenotyping molecular for personalized therapy decision making.


    To learn more about this platform, we connected with Louis Culot, General Manager, Oncology Informatics and Genomics, and Dr. Qi Wei, Genomic Subject Matter Expert.

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    Journal of Clinical Pathways

    Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Kenna Shaw, PhD, cancer genomics laboratory, MD Anderson, and Louis Culot, general manager, genomics and oncology informatics, Philips, to better understand the PODS system and how this collaboration will improve patient care worldwide.

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    Genomics: Decoding the future

    Jeroen Tas, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer of Philips, shares his insights on the current and future role of genomics in medical practices and treatment selection.

    “We are right in the middle of a genomic revolution.”


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    Genomics Workspace current product name is Pathology Genomics Workspace and Oncology Genomics Workspace. The name of the product will change to Genomics Workspace with the release of ISPM V5.3, subject to regulatory approval.

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