ComfortGel Nasal mask

ComfortGel Blue

Nasal mask


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With ComfortGel Blue, we’ve minimized pressure points, reduced noise, and redirected exhalation air flow away from the bed partner. Enhancements that may help to create a better patient experience and encourage greater compliance.

Premium blue gel || Increased comfort

Premium blue gel forms effective seal

Works together with the thin, form-fitting outer silicone membrane to create an effective, self-adjusting seal. Not only does our blue gel provide extra stability, it is thinner and lighter than ever before.
Resistance Control || Combined performance

Resistance Control for optimum PAP therapy

ComfortGel Blue was designed to take full advantage of the Philips Respironics System One Resistance Control. Working together, the device recognizes when adjustments in therapy are required and carries out these adjustments.
Premium forehead pad || Increased comfort

Premium forehead pad improves comfort and fit

This redesigned forehead cushion reduces pressure points for a more comfortable experience.
Angled exhalation ports || Increased comfort1

Angled exhalation ports direct air away from bed partner

The lower profile exhalation port with integrated swivel quietly redirects air flow. Now your patients and their bedmates can enjoy a better night's sleep.
Premium headgear || Increased comfort

Premium headgear makes fitting and adjustment a snap

Our one-size-fits-most headgear has EZ Peel tabs and ball-and-socket attachment. It adjusts easily in four places for a secure, custom fit.
StabilitySelector || Increased comfort

StabilitySelector for proper seal and fit

Raise and lower the mask to find the right angle, seal and fit for your patient.
Silicone Comfort Flap || Increased comfort

Silicone Comfort Flap improves seal

The flap increases comfort, improves mask seal and can be removed for easy cleaning.
Latex free

Latex free for sensitive patients

Latex free for sensitive patients