Next generation image processing

Philips UNIQUE 2 is the latest iteration of our well-established image processing software. By increasing contrast and reducing noise and artifacts, UNIQUE 2 improves visualization of subtle anatomicy detail.

Consistently uniform clinical image quality for all anatomies

Doctor control

UNIQUE 2 image processing software delivers superb images for each anatomy type through presets and customized parameters. Presets work automatically, and are tuned to the patient type (adult, child or infant, slim or obese) and the requirements of the examination.

UNIQUE 2 harmonizes contrast levels, bringing detail to very dark and very bright regions. The image is optimized in both the heavily exposed areas (e.g. lung apex) and in the barely exposed areas (e.g. retrocardiac lung and upper abdomen). Focusing on the most diagnostically relevant structures, UNIQUE 2 enhances details, while the overall impression remains neutral.

UNIQUE 2 benefits for staff, patient and workflow

UNIQUE 2 offers substantial benefits with features that can lead to less scheduling work for the radiographer, diagnostic confidence for the radiologists, X-ray dose management for the patient, and more personalized care based on time saved through an enhanced workflow.

Improved diagnostic image quality

UNIQUE 2 offers you extended flexibility to adjust image contrast. In pediatric hand images UNIQUE 2 enhances contrast by up to 54.7%*. It also features a novel noise reduction algorithm. In abdominal areas, phantom measurements showed a noise reduction of up to 17.3%**. Specific anatomical structures can be selectively enhanced to increase detail visualization and support diagnostic confidence.

* Compared to UNIQUE on previous release of Philips DigitalDiagnost – Results of phantom measurements. The effect of noise reduction depends on tissue type.

** Compared to UNIQUE on previous release of Philips DigitalDiagnost – Highest values were obtained on pediatric hand images. Results for other examinations vary.

Fast, easy image adjustments

Image processing parameters can be individually tailored to the personal demands of each radiologist with a next generation interface and vastly improved image processing functions, all adjustments become instantly visible, in excellent quality, on the 2MP monitor. Once created, any custom-made parameter set is automatically applied in daily routine, speeding the exam.

Optimized representation of clinical information

UNIQUE 2 optimizes information from the clinical image, independent of the patient’s body size or exam type. For example, it provides you a more consistent well-balanced image impression across different patients by improving the consistency of the background area. For pediatric knee images, this improvement is up to 100%*. Tailored processing presets are automatically available for each patient and examination type.


* Compared to UNIQUE on previous release of Philips DigitalDiagnost – improves by up to 96.7% within one image, by up to 100% across different images. Results depend on the examination type.

Versatile bone suppression

UNIQUE 2 works in conjunction with Philips Bone Suppression software* as an option to help remove bone structures from chest images for an unobstructed view of soft tissue. This clear view can help ensure you have a more accurate confident image interpretation. It improves actionable lung nodule detection by up to 16.8%**.


* Riverain Technologies' ClearRead Bone Suppression

** Freedman M, et.al. Improved detection of lung nodules with novel software that suppresses the rib and clavicle shadows on chest radiographs. Radiology 2011.

Integration across systems

UNIQUE 2 is seamlessly integrated into the Eleva platform. The similar image processing algorithms at work in our premium systems can be found in most DXR systems. Quality X-ray images can be viewed and evaluated from any suitable monitor, offering extended flexibility.” 

Automatic image stitching

UNIQUE 2’s image processing is applied not only to the two or three single images that are acquired, but also to the entire composite image. As a result, the composite image is beautifully harmonized. There are no stitching artifacts visible and from top to bottom you’ll see nothing but a well-balanced image.

Personalized control

UNIQUE 2 automatically indicates, with a green mark, those areas requiring contrast adjustment. However, you can manipulate this to suit your patient’s need. Using the ‘ranger’ tool just point to a certain area or structure and place your own mark(s), thereby including it in the medical image processing.

Fast, smooth, gridless-workflow

UNIQUE 2 also works seamlessly with SkyFlow Plus, which is a digital scatter correction technology that automatically provides grid-like images without the need of a grid. SkyFlow Plus is fully automatic, patient adaptive, and works without special attention. It can save you valuable time while maintaining image quality. SkyFlow Plus is applicable for all examinations in free exposure.

Providing a wealth of information and insight

UNIQUE 2 image processing software is a key reason why X-ray images acquired on your Philips equipment present with such crisp, clean definition. With gray scale adjustment, lesions become more obvious and conspicuous, even though they may be located in areas that are classically hidden or obscured because of the density of overlying structures.

Next generation image processing with Philips UNIQUE 2

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