ClarityIQ technology

It’s like getting

a new life

Philips AlluraClarity family, see with confidence every time

During interventions you want to see with confidence - every time. AlluraClarity with ClarityIQ technology allows you this confidence. Philips’ AlluraClarity family is a revolutionary generation of interventional X-ray systems which provide high quality imaging for a full range of clinical procedures at low dose levels.

A quantum leap forward for your interventions

As you know, interventions are becoming increasingly complex. This, in turn, lengthens fluoroscopy time and increases the need for high resolution imaging. New devices can be more difficult to visualize, making it harder to position them precisely and the prevalence of patients with a high BMI can necessitate increased dose levels in order to visualize anatomy.


All of these factors inspired us to completely redefine the balance in interventional X-ray with our Philips AlluraClarity family.


AlluraClarity with its unique ClarityIQ technology gives you excellent live image guidance during treatment. What's more, you can confidently manage low X-ray dose levels without changing your way of working. In short, you can see what you have to regardless of patient size.

Interventional Radiology

Patient suffering from critical limbischemia
60 year old male smoker (BMI 24.7) with hypertension and hyperlipidaemia


51 year old female (BMI 28) with angina pectoris
61 year old male (BMI 31) with diabetis and hypertension 2nd attempts CTO in RCA

Interventional Neuroradiology

Cerebral angiogram of 53 year old male patient
53 year old male with aneurysm