Efficia CM Series Affordable, feature-rich monitors

Efficia CM Series

Affordable, feature-rich monitors

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When both budget and quality matter, the choice is Efficia CM Series patient monitors. In tune with your needs, we offer a value range of patient monitors backed by our time-tested measurement algorithms.

efficia cm series key advantages

Key advantages

  • Time-tested physiological measurements relied on for over 200 million patients every year
  • Reliable Philips Efficia consumables, available in cost-effective bundles or through a delivery service that helps simplify your ordering logistics



  • Solidly built and reliable, able to handle heavy workloads, physical knocks and electrostatic interference
  • Ready for plug-and-play connectivity to Philips Efficia central monitoring
  • Built-in HL7 connectivity to interface with hospital Information systems
helping staff help patients

Helping staff help patients


The real ROI in patient monitoring is in the quality of your patient care. Fifty years of patient monitoring experience has helped us to develop a close understanding of clinical workflows and staff needs. Using these insights we’ve designed Efficia monitors to be easy to use, so you can provide effective patient care.

ready to use technology

Ready to use technology


Our intuitive Efficia user interface helps you get up and running quickly. Even clinicians with minimal experience are ready to use monitors after a ‘quick start’ session. Minimizing training time is vital, especially with temporary staff. And when you’re confident using equipment, you have more time for patient care.

supporting your budget

Supporting your budget & meeting your needs


We understand how important ongoing costs are to your overall ROI. From the outset, we encourage you to work with us to define your exact needs. You can stay confident of your investment with warranties that keep support costs low as well as access to ongoing support from a local services team (ask your sales contact for details).

Compare Efficia CM Series and SureSigns VM Series

Efficia CM Series
Efficia CM Series
SureSign VM Series
SureSigns VM Series



video image efficia cmseries


Internal power supply
  • 100 VAC to 240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Mounting options
Mounting options
Bedrail hook
  • Optional
Roll stand
  • Optional
Wall mount, 10-inch
  • Optional
Electrical specifications
Electrical specifications
Power consumption
  • <lt/> 75 Watts
Physical specifications
Physical specifications
Size (Width × Height × Depth)
  • 27 cm × 22 cm × 17 cm (10.6 in × 6.6 in × 6.7 in)
Weight (with no battery)
  • <lt/> 3.3 kg (7.0 lb)
  • 25.6 cm (10.1 in) LCD, with 5-wire resistive touch screen; 1280 active pixels/line, 800 active lines/frame
  • Philips Efficia CM patient monitors offer our customers a choice of pulse oximetry with Philips SpO₂ or Masimo® or Masimo SET® SpO₂. Masimo products may not be available in all countries. Check with your local sales organization for details.
  • The Efficia CM series is not available in all geographies; please check with your Philips representative for more information.
  • The Efficia CM Series is not available for sale in North America.