iPatient Clinical solution


Clinical solution

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Envision personalized, patient-centric imaging with you in control of important advances in dose management and workflow, designed to make every day more productive. The Philips iPatient software helps you do all of this, and more.

Focus on the patient || Patient-centered imaging

Personalize your control

Philips iPatient approach to patient-centered imaging includes new, patient-specific methods to facilitate optimal management of both image quality and radiation dose. You save time, too, because with iPatient, scan times are automatically reduced and exam times are shortened, in some cases up to 24% *. iPatient’s personalized workflow built to simplify the use of iterative reconstruction techniques such as IMR.
Truly in control || Advanced procedures made routi

Scan to scan consistency

Philips iPatient is an advanced platform that puts you in control of enhancing your CT system today, while getting you ready for the challenges of tomorrow. This allows you to plan the results, not the acquisition. It also gives you confidence and consistency 24/7.
Ready for what's ahead || Prepared for the Future Techno

Built to speed up implementation of new innovations.

iPatient puts you in control of a platform that is designed to leverage future discoveries, including personalized workflow built for breakthroughs like advanced iterative reconstruction techniques and detector technologies.
SyncRight || Appropriate contrast dose with

Consistency in diverse populations

In today’s environment of high-throughput CT scanning, contrast injections are typically set manually. Because of this, many sites have adopted a single injection protocol. The Philips CT SyncRight option enables easy and efficient communication between the CT system and the injector in order to facilitate delivering appropriate contrast dose and consistent image quality.

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  • * In a study done using multiphasic liver CT exams the iPatient software platform reduced time-to-results by 24% and clicks per exam by 66%. Impact of workflow tools in reducing total exam and user interaction time - 4 phase liver computed tomography exams. Nicholas Ardley - Southern Health,  Kevin Buchan - Philips Healthcare, Ekta Dharaiya - Philips Healthcare.