Esophageal/Rectal Esophageal/Rectal Temp Probe, 10 FR


Esophageal/Rectal Temp Probe, 10 FR

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Our reusable temperature probes are validated to withstand autoclaving. Philips reusable probes can be disinfected as per instructions for use and then autoclaved at a saturated steam temperature of 132°C/270°F for four minutes and a dry time of 30 minutes, or a saturated steam temperature of 134°C/273°F (maximum) for three minutes with a dry time of 20 - 30 minutes. See IFU for complete cleaning, disinfection and sterilization instructions.


Product details
Product details
CE Certified
  • Yes
Packaging Unit
  • 2 sensors/pouch
Single-Patient Use OR Multi-Patient Use
  • Multi-Patient Use (Reusable)
Use with Non-Philips Healthcare Equipment
  • No
Product Category
  • Temperature
Sterile OR Non-Sterile
  • Non-Sterile
Product Type
  • Reusable Temperature Probe
Not manufactured with natural rubber latex
  • Yes
Use with Philips Healthcare Equipment
  • 867030 IntelliVue X3, 867033 IntelliVue MX100, 867036 IntelliVue MMX, 867039 IntelliVue Hemodynamic Extension, 867040 IntelliVue Capnography Extension, 867041 IntelliVue Microstream Extension, M1029A Temperature Parameter Module, any Philips Patient Monitor and Defibrillator that list this product in the device Instructions for Use.
Product details
Product details
Cable Length
  • 10ft (3.1m)
Number of Pins
  • 2-pin instrument connector