IntelliSpace Alarm management system

IntelliSpace Event Management

Alarm management system

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IntelliSpace Event Management (formerly Emergin) helps your care team manage and respond efficiently to multiple event notifications, alerts and alarms by providing useful information directly to communication devices, improving efficacy.

Data integration

Data integration across systems enhances workflow

IntelliSpace Event Management integrates and leverages data from patient monitoring, nurse call, and clinical information systems. It simplifies complex input and output flow to provide meaningful alerts. Information is then sent to the appropriate person, based on assigned role and required skills.
Industry experience

Industry experience to improve care and operations

With IntelliSpace Event Management, Philips can help your organization build strategic technology plans and roadmaps to help you enhance patient care, while improving efficiency and productivity.
Event prioritization

Event prioritization improves communication

By delivering key alerts to the appropriate members of the care team, you enhance workflow, improve communication, and help your team attend to patient needs quickly and effectively.
Comprehensive support

Comprehensive support

We work closely with system administrators, IT, biomedical/clinical engineers, and telecom experts so you can keep IntelliSpace Event Management available, up-to-date, and maintained at your facility. This helps your facility meet best practices and industry standards and address new challenges.
Focus on interoperable solutions

Focus on interoperable solutions to support your needs

Through a foundation of collaboration and validation with other system vendors, IntelliSpace Event Management supports broad connectivity opportunities tailored to the growing needs of the organization.