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Philips at EANM 2015

Delivering innovation that matters to you

Success in healthcare today demands going beyond technology to the experiences of the people at the heart of care – patients, providers and caregivers – to unlock insights across the patient journey. Philips continuously applies these insights in molecular imaging, gathered in partnership with our customers, to create new diagnostic and therapy solutions. To help you drive clinical performance while you enhance the patient experience and add value. At the annual congress of EANM, we showcase these solutions facilitating further engagement with customers.


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New realities call for new ways of working


The innovative technologies shown at this year’s EANM were built to help you break new ground in clinical performance and obtain high-quality clinical data in a way that works with your workflow, your team and your patients:


  • The digital clarity of Vereos, the world’s first truly digital PET/CT system, is a prime example.
  • xPand5, our new suite of quantification tools, helps you get more out of your PET/CT images through a range of powerful processing algorithms.
  • Philips Healthcare Transformation Services can work with you to achieve your hospital’s strategic goals and stay at the forefront of clinical excellence.

To learn more about our dedicated solutions in molecular imaging, please schedule an appointment at Philips booth #18 during exhibition hours.

We also invite you to join the Philips Evening Event on Sunday, October 11, to listen to talks from two clinical specialists.

Visit us at EANM2015 and experience our innovations in molecular imaging for yourself.

vereos digital pet ct scanner L

The Philips Vereos PET/CT system

Highlights of our innovations shown

New clinical cases from Vereos Digital PET/CT


The Philips Vereos PET/CT is the first and only true digital PET/CT, offering superb digital clarity, contrast and lesion detectability. More than 30 hospitals around the world are already committed to onboarding for the next digital revolution with this unique system.


Visit us at the booth and make an appointment with an Application specialist for an in-depth look at digital PET/CT images and clinical cases built around Vereos PET/CT data.

EANM vereos LM

With the fastest timing resolution available on any PET scanner, the Vereos PET/CT has superb image contrast and provides enhanced lesion detectability.

xPand5 PET/CT quantification suite


Join Philips at the 28th Annual Congress of EANM for the European launch of the xPand5 suite of quantification support tools for the Ingenuity TF PET/CT. With xPand5, you bring the power of quantitative imaging to your hospital:


  • xClean works to reduce artifacts during image reconstruction, providing enhanced image quality.
  • xSharp provides resolution recovery for your images, showing lesions and organ boundaries in high contrast.
  • xFine is a 2 mm whole-body clinical reconstruction protocol that offers superb spatial resolution, offering increased confidence in your quantification and regions of interest.
  • xCount works to stabilize count rates, so you can even perform dynamic imaging with short-lived tracers.
  • xCalibrate supports reproducible and stable protocol saving, securing quantification capabilities in multicenter collaborations.


Expand the diagnostic confidence of your care teams, expand your department services beyond routine [18F]-FDG scans, and expand your hospital capabilities for PET beyond staging.

EANM xpand LM

Philips Healthcare Transformation Services for Advanced Molecular Imaging


Today’s challenging healthcare environment demands that you find new ways to drive clinical performance, enhance the patient experience, find new economic value for your institution, comply with new regulations, and stay abreast with and trained on the latest clinical and technical breakthroughs that impact healthcare. To tackle these challenges, an experienced advisor is invaluable. Philips Healthcare Transformation services is your partner of choice for a tailored change process that helps your hospital achieve its strategic goals and become an example of clinical excellence.

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For more information


Read more about how our Healthcare Transformation Services is tackling molecular imaging challenges.


More information about innovations shown at EANM 2015.

Written by:

Julia Rebouillat

Senior Field Marketing Manager, Oncology

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