Avent Natural baby bottle

1 Bottle, 9oz/260ml, Extra soft slow flow nipple, 1m+ SCF627/41

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to prevent a bottle from leaking?

The bottle may leak for more than one reason. Following the guidelines below will help to avoid a leak:

  • Check if the parts are correctly assembled and combined
    Note: Always use the adapter ring with classic bottle.

To prevent leaks, check to make sure the plastic screw ring has not been over-tightened on the bottle. The bottle is screwed tight enough when you feel some resistance when assembling the screw ring to the bottle. The design of the bottle neck is such that there should be a gap (see picture below) between the glass bottle body and the plastic screw ring.

If you feel some resistance when assembling the screw ring to the bottle, please stop screwing any further. The bottle is screwed tight enough. Do not over tighten the screw ring. This might lead to damage.

  • Check that the screw ring is tightened sufficiently on the bottle without overtightening
  • Check if you are using the teat with the correct flow for your baby
  • Use the cap and check if it is placed correctly when shaking the bottle to prepare food
Screw ring and a teat

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF627/41 , SCF627/42 , SCF620/17 , SCF621/17 , SCF627/17 , SCF631/27 , SCF632/27 , SCF633/27 , SCF634/27 , SCF635/27 , SCF636/27 , SCF640/17 , SCF640/27 , SCF640/37 , SCF643/07 , SCF643/17 , SCF643/27 , SCF643/37 , SCF646/17 , SCF651/23 , SCF651/27 , SCF652/23 , SCF652/27 , SCF653/23 , SCF653/27 , SCF654/23 , SCF654/27 , SCF655/23 , SCF656/23 , SCF656/27 , SCF657/23 , SCF658/23 , SCF680/04 , SCF680/17 , SCF680/27 , SCF680/37 , SCF680/61 , SCF683/07 , SCF683/17 , SCF683/27 , SCF683/37 , SCF685/27 , SCF690/13 , SCF690/17 , SCF690/23 , SCF690/27 , SCF691/13 , SCF691/17 , SCF691/23 , SCF692/13 , SCF692/17 , SCF692/23 , SCF693/13 , SCF693/17 , SCF693/23 , SCF693/27 , SCF694/13 , SCF694/17 , SCF694/23 , SCF695/13 , SCF695/17 , SCF695/23 , SCF696/13 , SCF696/17 , SCF696/23 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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