3300 series Steam iron

3300 series Steam iron

2300W GC3320/02


My Philips Steam Generator is leaking water droplets

When using the Philips Steam Generator, water droplets may appear on your clothes. Find out how it works and how to prevent it.


Water droplets appear because steam has condensed on the ironing board. You can easily dry the wet spots on your garment and the ironing board cover by ironing it without pressing the steam trigger. If the bottom of the ironing board is wet, wipe it dry with a cloth. Make sure to use a mesh-top ironing board with a thick felt material.

A mesh-top ironing board

Minimize steam condensation

When possible, select a lower steam setting or use less steam while ironing. Use steam ironing during the first few strokes and release the steam trigger to finish up with dry-ironing strokes. Replace the ironing board cover if the sponge material has worn out. You can also put an extra layer of felt between the ironing board and the ironing board cover to minimize condensation on the ironing board.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC3320/02 .

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