Philips vibration resistance

24V headlamps are specifically designed to withstand the extreme stress and vibrations to which your trucks and heavy machinery are subjected. Rough roads and vibration are a frequent cause of headlamp failure.



• An increased stiffness of mount and base to provides the ultimate protection against mechanical shock.


• A robust double-coil filament is designed to withstand a wide range of vibration frequencies while remaining stable.

vibration resistance

Round-the-clock resistance

  • The 24V headlights undergo the most rigorous testing procedures. Besides the regular tests for Original Equipment level quality, they are additionally tested for high vibration resistance to simulate the challenging conditions in real life. More durability for robust lifetime at high performance!
  • For vibration resistance tests, lamps are mounted on a vibration plate recreating extreme driving conditions. They are then exposed to scales of vibration frequency to multiples of gravitational force in several directions. For the duration of multiple days, the lamps are continuously tested in operating and off mode.
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