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    space-saving display

    The smart choice is to look to the Philips 150V5 to save space and money with a great, reliable display for pumped up productivity. Plus 20 percent lower power consumption and affordable total cost of ownership. See all benefits


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space-saving display

  • XGA 1024x768 resolution for sharper display

    For graphics monitors, the screen resolution signifies the number of dots (pixels) on the entire screen. For example, a 1024-by-768 pixel screen is capable of displaying 1024 distinct dots on each of 768 lines, or about 786 thousand pixels. XGA provides resolutions of 640 by 480 or 1024 by 768 pixels.

  • Power consumption below the industry average

    Reduction of the electrical power required to operate a device.

  • Kensington anti-theft lock-ready for added security

    Small apertures built into the display's frame for use with a locking device that secures a display to a fixed object for added protection against theft.

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