Turn up your viewing experience

    An ideal choice for the bedroom or children's room! This TV offers quality picture on AV stereo sound. Other features include Smart Picture control, 4:3 expand viewing mode, easy-access side connection and in-build TV game. See all benefits


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Turn up your viewing experience

  • Black Hibri picture tube for brilliant colors

    Black HiBri is a TV tube technology used on Philips small-screen TVs, giving good color reproduction on smaller sets.

  • AV Stereo for spatial sound effect

    By connecting the TV to an AV source with stereo sound, the TV converts the mono sound to spatial stereo sound for a lifelike experience.

  • Enjoy natural full-screen images expanded on a 4:3 screen

    4x3 Expand enables widescreen movies to be viewed on a 4:3 aspect ratio TV screen by removing the black bars at the top and bottom of the image. You are able to watch full-screen movies without compromizing on picture quality and resolution.

  • Smart Picture and Smart Sound to personalize your viewing

    Philips preset modes for Smart Picture and Smart Sound provide you with direct access via a single key on the remote control. You can select optimized picture and sound settings for the various picture and sound modes.

  • Side stereo AV & headphone jacks

    Side stereo AV & headphone makes it more convenient to connect external devices like audio equipment, games and video cameras. It's the easy way to enjoy an extra audio sensation or a totally immersive gaming experience.

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